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I have a tree.  It has honeybees in it.  Before I bought the house, the previous owners made a comment about wanting to get rid of the bees.  I told them that I preferred they not do anything to the bees as they didn't bother me.  After closing and shortly after I moved in, I noticed the bees were gone and a suspiciously-like-poison ooze was coming out of the tree where the bees lived.  I was sad.  I live in "the country" and there's no zoning laws or homeowner's association.  The next summer, a few bees returned to the tree.  I was ecstatic.  They would be out in the garden in the early morning, doing their bee duties.  One afternoon while at work, a bad thunderstorm moved in.  When J and I got home that evening, we discovered that the bee tree had been struck by lightening and split in half.  The bees were gone.  Again, I was sad.  We figured that was it for the tree and it for the bees.  We lazily didn't do anything about the tree as half of it was still alive.  Throughout that summer, we mourned the bees.  Last week, J took me out to the bee tree and asked me what I saw.  "Bees!'  The bees are back.  I'm so glad.  I hope they find the garden and find it pleasing.  I guess we'll just have to live with a half-dead tree in the back forty.

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