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Need water.  Need post topics.  FIVE HOURS.  I thought I heard Jesus.  But it turned out to be Alan Rickman.

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I can has bed with Colin Firth pillow?  I don't think they sell that at Target.  So sleepy!

Let me know if we left anyone out, we will remedy it!
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We aim to please...

I had to include this one!  It's like he's an unofficial sponsor!

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Smart and hot.  Two great tastes that taste great together.


May. 23rd, 2009 09:03 pm
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So, we've been at this for NINE HOURS.  I think I saw Jesus.

Oh, wait.  It was Swedish-born supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg.

Must have caffeine!

This is MY dancespace, this is YOUR dancespace.
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Jerry has Labor Day and we have Memorial Day, Jerry has celebrities and we have pictures of celebrities (coming soon, post your requests!), Jerry has millions of dollars and we have hundred(s), Jerry has cute kids and we have cute animals, Jerry had Dean Martin and we have mp3s of Dean Martin. The similiarities are endless!

Remember, I'm spotting all the Paypal fees and we also take checks made out to HELP Animals Inc. Also, if you want to send some small bills through the mail, we won't tell. All donations WILL BE MATCHED!

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my favorite grad assistant is?

Mr. Nigel-Murray.

I like his random trivia, his British accent and the fact that Hodgins seems to be more himself with him around.  I like his interactions with Cam.  And he is boyishly nerdly handsome.  Which I always like.

Who is yours?

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