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Birthdate:Aug 15
Location:Louisiana, United States of America
Website:Donna Inks
My journal is Friends Only. If you'd like to be added, comment.

I'm 35, in a committed relationship with the mysterious J, childless by circumstance and choice. I live in Louisiana. I love this state and it breaks my heart every day. My blood family is dysfunctional, my family of choice is awesome. I bought my first home six years ago and spend a lot of time there, diy-ing, stamping, gardening, and cooking. It is my sanctuary. Lately, I watch entirely too much tv.

I guess I should tell you that I cuss when the mood hits. If that offends you, then you might think twice about adding me.

I'm also a Stampin' Up demonstrator. Visit my page for details.

If there's something you're just dying to know, just ask. Maybe I'll answer.

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101st airborne, accounting, adult children of alcoholics, alcoholism, angel, animals, antiques, audrey hepburn, baking, bayous, bones, bones: the series, books, booth/bones, booth/brennan, boundaries, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, cardamom, cary grant, castle, cats, cheese, chinese food, chocolate, classic movies, comfortable silences, computers, cooking, country music, creative people, creativity, dark chocolate, david boreanaz, depression glass, diy, doctor who, dreams, driving fast, dvds, dysfunctional family, earl grey tea, ebay, education, etsy, family, feminism, firefly, food, friends, friendship, gardening, gardens, geeks, glee, grammar, graphic novels, gratitude, harry potter, herb gardens, herbs, hgtv, himym, history, history channel, home improvement, house, house m.d., houses, hugh laurie, hugs, information technology, interior design, johnny cash, jon stewart, joss whedon, journals, justified, katharine hepburn, kevin smith, kindness, kitchens, kitties, landscaping, laughter, libraries, lip balm, logic, louisiana, movies, mp3s, music, musicals, nasa, nature, nature photography, neil gaiman, netflix, no bullshit, old gardens, pasta, personal finance, photography, pizza, pkd, polycystic kidney disease, president barack obama, quantum leap, reading, real simple, recipes, retro, road trips, roses, rubber stamping, serenity, sewing, small towns, southern living, space, stampin' up, stamping, stephen ambrose, stephen king, strangers in paradise, summer, swamps, tea, torchwood, training, travel, tv, vegetarian, vegetarian food, vegetarianism, vintage things, weekends, whiskey, wikipedia, wine, words, writing, wwii, yoga
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