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My family dynamic leaves a lot to be desired.  For all pratical purposes, my grandparents raised me and for the first five years or so of my life, my mother's siblings were my siblings.  My aunt was thirteen when I was born.  She took to me and treated me like her little doll.  I remember being able to spend time with her in her room when she was getting ready for dates.  I remember taking a special set of pictures that was of just the two of us.  It was the 80s and feathered hair and Aquanet ruled.  Stevie Nicks was queen of the radio.  I remember singing along to Fleetwood Mac with the hairbrush in the mirror.  It was a special place, a special time, before things fell apart.  I felt special, I felt wanted.  There are pictures of us together, my aunt beautiful with her hair and her makeup just so and me, her little shadow.

I grew up and she moved away and had a kid of her own and now all we are are strangers,  But there was a time when I meant something to her.  And she meant something to me.
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1) It's Friday!
2) rest tomorrow
3) I had a dream about my grandfather. I haven't dreamed about him in a while. I needed to see him and I think he was trying to tell me something but I haven't figured out what yet. It was weird.
4) tea
5) mp3 player and headphones
6) eight days til girls' weekend!
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1) new icons!
2) tea darjeeling #22 from Adagio yummy
3) 9 days til Kate and Julie
4) It's Thursday
5) stitching and the bookstore and rest this weekend*

*You're asking yourself, "How did she get out of Mother's Day?" Cleverly, cleverly. I've been home the last three weekends, I took her on vacation for a week and paid for everything, she went with us to Disney on Ice and I'm sending a package in the mail. I think I've done enough. No church!
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Didn't think I'd get to this today, but...

1) Work is busy, but better than ok.
2) This week is more than half over.
3) Disney on Ice this weekend
4) Cute nephews this weekend
5) We're supposed to be walking this evening.

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