Feb. 12th, 2008 10:46 am
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1) Awesome new icon that [personal profile] lerdomade me.
2) New friends
3) Awesome relaxing peaceful sunshine filled weekend
4) Obama won my state!
5) I have a list for today and I'm not afraid to use it.
6) Today is a new day.
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1) Kate was born today.  Happy Birthday, Kate!
2) new House tonight
3) Harry Potter
4) Hope
5) my house
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1) homemade angel food cake
2) Louisiana strawberries
3) homemade chocolate chip cookies
4) my KitchenAid stand mixer
5) LJ
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1) Grapes
2) My job that provides me with money and stuff
3) Pralines
4) seeing my nephews this weekend
5) LJ
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1) Tomorrow is my Friday.
2) Miss Pat's lemon pound cake
3) Kate and Julie in 4 days.
4) I had a great time with my nephews this weekend.
5) mashed potatoes and mushroom and "hamburger" gravy for supper last night and lunch today

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1) bananas
2) light vanilla soy milk
3) It's Colleen's birthday!
4) I've done my taxes.
5) Eleven days til Julie and Kate
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1) getting started on my taxes
2) tea
3) chocolate crunch rice cakes
4) three weeks til Kate and Julie
5) Sharpies

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1) my computer in my office in my house
2) my co-worker
3) mushrooms
4) Aveeno
5) my calendar

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1) drapes up in the master and guest bedrooms - they look like actual rooms now!
2) productive weekend
3) The Colts won.  I'm sad about the Saints, but they had a hell of a season and, say it with me, there's always next year.
4) decaf earl grey from Adagio
5) LJ

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1) orzo
2) cauliflower
3) sugar-free hot chocolate
4) getting everything done last night
5) weather.com
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1) good friends
2) my house
3) I have everything I need.
4) LJ
5) tea

5 Things

Jan. 16th, 2007 07:56 am
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1) I am okay and I have everything I need.
2) my winter coat
3) gloves
4) meds
5) water
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1) George Strait in concert Friday night
2) productive weekend
3) LJ
4) I woke up this morning.
5) new boots
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1) It's Friday!
2) It's payday!
3) migraine meds
4) tea
5) I got Kate's holiday card.  So pretty!

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1) ebay sales and purchases
2) tv
3) I ordered some Adagio tea and it came in yesterday.
4) I woke up this morning.
5) two days til Friday
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1) I bought rakes this weekend and raked some leaves.
2) finally had a meeting yesterday that we've been trying to have since before Christmas
3) floss
4) water
5) Netflix
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1) clementines
2) good weekend
3) I emptied a cardboard box this weekend.
4) I woke up this morning.
5) water
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1) It's Friday!
2) a nice visit and dinner with surrogate family last night
3) tea
4) Tylenol
5) no cavities!
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1) roasted brussel sprouts
2) the return of spinach
3) my kitchen
4) good friends
5) water
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1) I walked on the treadmill last night.
2) I gave myself a pedicure last night.
3) Firefly
4) I slept good last night.
5) the return of five things

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